Tips to Make Your Custom Tent Design Stand Out at Events

Tips to Make Your Custom Tent Design Stand Out at Events

Tradeshows and related events are excellent ways to bring your business or brand straight to your potential customers. Having a custom tent with your logo and graphics is the first step in creating an attractive booth to stand out among your competitors.


Whether it is an outdoor farmer’s market, sports game, music festival, or an indoor business tradeshow, a branded pop-up tent starts a conversation. The exposure can be tenfold as canopy tents can be customized to create an atmosphere representative of your brand.


Here are some tips to make your custom tent design stand out at events.


Choose the Right Size Canopy According to Your Event Location


Most businesses and organizations attend events throughout the year at various locations and venues. Choosing the appropriate size for your canopy tent depends largely on how you want to convey your brand and the permitted space.


  • 10x10 Canopies: A 10x10 canopy tent covers 100 square feet. Without any furniture, it can accommodate up to 6 people standing.
  • 10x15 Canopies: A 10x15 canopy tent covers 150 square feet. It will accommodate 10 to 12 people with no obstacles.
  • 10x20 Canopies: A 10x20 canopy tent covers 200 square feet. This size will accommodate 15 people.


In addition to these standard canopy tent sizes, we also offer more size options. The customization applies to all aspects of the canopy such as the color, framing, and accessories.


Include Your Logo and Brand Colors


A well-organized and professional canopy tent should display the company or organization’s logo front and center. Regardless of whether your brand has been in the public eye for years or is just being introduced to the consumer world, a custom canopy tent that is fully branded with your logo is one of the best forms of advertising!


For an attractive, but professional canopy tent, use edge-to-edge printing for the customized roof. Edge-to-edge printing refers to using the entire capacity of the canopy valances to print your brand’s slogan, website, phone number and social media handles. We always recommend keeping the tent design clean and organized with only the most important artwork displayed.


Depending on the colors in your brand logo, you can choose a custom canopy color to complement the logo or brand color scheme. A solid color can be used with a “busy” logo, business name, or website domain.


Add Printed Wall Panels or Flags to Your Canopy


Depending on your business and the venue of the event, adding printed wall panels to the canopy tent is extremely beneficial. Printed walls offer more space for graphics to display products or services, they provide an opportunity to have privacy for consumer discussions and they offer protection from the elements.


Adding a printed table cover, feather flag or retractable banner inside the tent is also a great idea to make your tent stand out. Flags work to draw attention and can be sized to avoid being an obstacle.


Make Your Canopy Tent a Beautiful Product Display


To enhance the charm of your custom printed canopy tent, prepare an attractive display that showcases your brand’s products or services. With smaller tents, you can utilize the limited space by using wooden crates or small card tables to organize the display.


Custom pop-up tents can also be detailed with furnishings such as stools, chairs and tables. Use a custom printed cover on tables for an extra flair and to drive home your brand’s messaging.


Choose a High-Quality Branded Canopy for Your Event


Once you have decided on the size, style, and design for your custom printed canopy, contact a reliable company to create your tent. Invest in your business by purchasing a high-quality canopy tent that will last for years, offers easy setup and takedown, and is low maintenance.


Choose Deluxe Canopy for all of your custom printed canopy tents and accessories. We are the leading source for recreational and promotional products of pop-up tents, inflatables, exhibition booths, table covers, and feather flags. Contact us today to discuss how our experts can help you create a professional booth with a custom printed canopy tent for your next event.

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