Canopy Tent Features to Consider before Making a Purchase

Canopy Tent Features to Consider before Making a Purchase

All tents are not made equal! Before you purchase a pop-up canopy tent, there are several features and materials to consider. We created this guide to help you compare different products in the market and allow you to make a confident decision when buying a commercial pop-up tent. The first thing to consider is your intended use. There are two main occasions in which people use canopy tents: marketing (promotional) purposes and recreational purposes. Promotional canopy tents are ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing specialists who want to advertise a business, brand or a public figure; and or if you plan on attending trade shows, farmer's markets, corporate events, fairs and festivals etc. Recreational tents are used at beaches, birthday parties and camping.

If you are shopping for a professional-grade custom printed canopy tent, you need to be able to distinguish between the various hardware, components and fabric materials that are available in the market. 


1) The Frame

The most common types of frame materials in the industry are anodized aluminum and powder-coated steel. The benefits of aluminum is that it does not rust, corrode or scratch easily. Steel is strong and heavy but it is more prone to rust. Although the frame is treated with an anti-rust coating, a scratch can cause the steel to rust.


2) The Shape

Hexagonal shaped legs are stronger and more robust as they have better impact resistance than square legs, which can easily get dented from a strong impact. The diameter and thickness of the leg tube are important factors to keep in mind when buying a promotional canopy tent. The larger the diameter and thickness of the legs, the stronger the frame will be. However, there is a trade-off between strength and weight. If you are looking for a durable and strong tent, it will weigh more due to the thicker profile of the framework. 


3) Truss Bars, Connectors and Footplates

The above components are responsible for the overall stability and strength of the tent. Similar to the leg tubes, the thickness and diameter of the truss bars are important components of the pop-up tent. The best connectors in the market are double-sided connectors where the truss bars are connected from both sides of the connectors. This ensures stability and prevents collapsing, breaking and twisting. We recommend pop-up tents with large, steel or aluminum footplates to ensure stability and optimal impact resistance. Cheap, plastic footplates are not recommended since they are prone to breaking easily due to their low impact resistance. 


4) Locking systems

The locking system locks the framework and connects the components during the setup and take-down process. There are three different types of locking systems available in the market: pull-pin, push trigger and button press. All three options are viable, however most commercial grade canopies are equipped with the pull-pin due to the effortless energy that's required to release the locking system.    


5) Fabric Material 

Choosing a high-quality fabric material is crucial and widely misunderstood! The two main types of canopy tent fabrics are polyester and vinyl. Polyester is the most common fabric material since it is water-resistant, fire-rated and UV treated. It is also strong, flexible and wrinkle-resistant, therefore making it an ideal choice for printing multi-colour logos, graphics and lettering. It is the thickest and densest fabric that is long-lasting without being too heavy. At Deluxe Canopy®, we use high-quality 600 denier polyester and high-quality ink for custom printed canopy tents and star tent projects. Vinyl is used for large tent structures like pagodas.


If you are in the market of purchasing a new custom printed tent, promotional canopy tent and advertising pop-up tent, get in touch with Deluxe Canopy® by phone or email and we'll be glad to assist you select the right product for your needs. You can count on our professional designers to help you bring your project to life with a personalized logo canopy tent. The best part is that we offer free design services so you can focus on growing your business! 

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    Thank you for describing all important features of Canopy Tent and it really helpfull during purchase.

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