4 Benefits of Getting a Quality Printed Tent for Your Business

4 Benefits of Getting a Quality Printed Tent for Your Business

Spring is here and that means tradeshows, festivals, Farmer’s Markets, and corporate events! These are the perfect occasions to promote your business or brand with a custom printed tent!

Whether you are a retail business, a non-profit organization, or feature homemade crafts, there is no better way to attract new customers than being front and center!


Here are some benefits of getting a quality printed tent for your business.


Long-Term Investment


Ordering a high-quality promotional tent is a great advertising tool to promote your business. Why waste top dollars on cheaply designed signage that needs replacing after a few trade shows?


With a custom printed canopy tent, you have many options in size, color, customizations, and durability to choose from. Choosing a high-quality printed tent allows for continuous use over the warmer months and for frequent use during the slow season. A custom printed canopy tent will be worth its weight in gold for years to come.


Shows Professionalism


Promoting your business with a high-quality custom printed canopy tent is a direct reflection of your level of professionalism. Plain, non-customized tents are a dime a dozen and don’t make much of an impact. They require additional signage and explanations to passing customers and tend to blend in with other tents.


Custom printed tents, on the other hand, make a statement. When a new customer is in search of your service or product, a well-organized display will stand out and speaks volumes.


Having the company name and/or logo displayed in big bold lettering draws the attention of customers away from your competitors. Brand colors, images, and even your website domain or URL can be printed on the tents to gain attention.


Provides Protection


While custom printed pop-up tents are a great way to attract customers, they also are the best way to protect your team or staff. For outdoor events, a top-quality canopy tent can endure all kinds of weather.


Your team will be well protected from the harmful UV rays, sudden rain showers, and gusty winds under a durable pop-up tent. Customers will also appreciate the cover from the elements as they stop by and browse your products or services.


Ease in Installation and Transportation


Promotional pop-up tents are designed to be easily set up and taken down for any indoor and outdoor event. The materials are lightweight and easy to transport from the booth location to your vehicle and vice versa.


Using telescopic frame legs, the canopy can be easily adjusted for height. The sturdy framework can be reinforced for windy conditions with use of compatible ground stakes, rope kits, and weight bags.


In addition, investing in a custom print canopy tent can save you money in rental fees, especially if the renter offers a non-stable frame and cheaply made covering. In addition to durability, a custom canopy can save money on advertising costs for each event as the tent itself does the promoting for you.


Buy Quality Printed Custom Tents from Deluxe Canopy


Deluxe Canopy is the leading supplier of top-quality custom printed canopy tents and promotional products, such as pop-up tents, inflatable high-pressure tents, exhibition booths and displays, and so much more. Our professional and advanced technology ensures durable and lasting custom printed and uniquely colored canopy coverings and framework for all types of events. Contact us today to see how our fire-rated, waterproof, and UV-resistant features can protect and promote your business display.


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