FAQ | Deluxe Canopy



Are your tents fire-rated and waterproof?

What are the differences between the Pro Series canopy and the Elite Series Canopy?

What are the differences between the EcoShade canopy and the ProShade Canopy?

What is the difference between the single-sided and double-sided custom tent walls?

What size shelters do you offer?

Where can I find more information on your custom tent packages?

Can I come to your store to make a purchase?

Can I use my portable shelter anywhere? Even outdoors?

Do you provide setup and take-down instruction manuals?

Can you print graphics on my plain colour roof?

I have a canopy I purchased from company “XYZ”. Will a Deluxe Canopy® roof fit my current frame?

Are accessories available?

What type of products can you produce?

When should I use my weight bags or stakes?

Do you offer custom printed tents for sports teams and racing teams?

How do the side walls attach to my instant shelter?

Do you provide discounts for non-profit organizations, large quantities and repeat customers?


Which file formats do you accept for custom printed projects?

Can your design team assist me with creating a mock-up proof?

Will you send me a proof before you begin production?

Can I use my own graphic designer to complete the mock-up using your template?

How do I submit artwork for my order?

I don't have a logo made just yet. Can you design one for me?

Which colours are available for custom printed products?

Do you charge a setup fee and/or design fee?


Where do you ship to?

How do I submit an order?

What is the production time?

How long does delivery take?

What shipping options do you offer?

How do I obtain a shipping rate?


Should I leave my instant shelter extended for a prolonged period of time?

How do I wash the polyester fabric?

Can I send my product in for repair?


Which payment methods do you accept?

What are your payment terms?


Does Deluxe Canopy® have a warranty?

Is wear and tear covered under the warranty?

Who do I contact if I have questions or issues with my order?